June 30, 2020
!1337x! The Shawshank Redemption Free Watch

Runtime=2Hour 22 min;
Writed by=Frank Darabont;
9,3 of 10

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The shawshank redemption review.
An enduring piece of art that will change certain aspects of the way you think for the rest of your life. That’s all.
The shawshank redemption soundtrack.
The shawshank redemption ending.
A good film. But I find it is over marked for the standard of film. Morgan Freeman’s acting cannot be flawed but Tim Robinson, as good as he was, never seemed to show enough energy or desperation to portey the role. The direction of the film is insane. The camera work seems to let it down though, where there is a lot of wide screen moments, which could have been close ups. This would have emphasised the acting. In my opinion the role Tim Robinson played could have used a better actor, however I do think he is a very talented actor. Perhaps a better actor could have been Brad Pitt. His acting in Se7en shows that he can play an angry, loving and deperate character and I think he would have done the role more justice. Overall the film was very good but not as good enough to be the best film ever.

The shawshank redemption movie.
Such a nice movie it is.
Very thought provoking. It taught and gave a lot of HOPE.
Shown the beauty of FRIENDSHIP.
And most of all proved that THE RESULT OF HARD WORK IS ALWAYS SWEET.
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After you finish this film you will set in front of your screen and your tongue will get stunned you will feel that the world doesn’t exist and the film will control your brain as a toy this is a film combining thinking great emotions and the unexpected and traitors some gun shooting some comedy if I would do something I would go to the creators of the film and make them some status and write there names in the books of history. Morgan freeman played acted the film of his life All cast are masters they did deal with black magic or something if you didn’t see that movie go buy it’s DVD right now or I will come and kill you for not seeing that master piece.


One of the very best but a bit boring at times though in the end it doesn’t really matter. The casts were good, the script was good, all in all a legendary masterpiece. This movie has turned some action loving freaks into drama/thriller psychos (thanks to me. My advice, if you haven’t seen this movie, take some medicine so that you can stay awake during the entire period but once you have finished, you will be awake for the rest of your life.

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